How it Began

The beautiful beach of Fisherman's Bay saw the beginning of this love story. 

It was Lockie's genuine interest in others that attracted Kel. Although Lockie's quiet "on call" weekend had been disrupted by a bunch of cackling girls, he was attracted to Kel's sense of fun and laughter. 

Like a good red this friendship matured with time, bold with characteristics that sparked adventure and fun right in the heart of the Clare Valley, SA.

The adventures continued from that weekend with van trips through Kangaroo Island and the Great Ocean Road; to a Fiji holiday; weddings; wine nights and days; and many a cheese platter! 

A global pandemic stopped Lockie's original plan to propose in Japan; however, he swept Kel off her feet with a romantic proposal in the Barossa. 

On October the 1st, 2021 the newest vintage begins as they become Mr and Mrs!